Riviera Maya, is a historical district in Mexico that runs along the Caribbean Coastline and is about 50 minutes South of Cancun. Once called the “Cancun – Tulum Corridor” because you must pass through it to get to Tulum (One of Mexico’s ancient cities), it took on it’s own Identity and a new name, in 1999.

Because of the consistently beautiful weather and the host of all-inclusive resorts, Riviera Maya has become a huge tourist destination. Besides the doing the obvious(getting your money’s worth in food and alcohol on the resort) here is a list of things you want to explore:



labnaha-cenotes-eco-parkLabnaha Cenotes & Eco Park – The Magic Mayan World, offers small guided tours in a Jungle like setting, while also allowing patrons to engage in outdoor activities such as,  

  • Zip Line at Cenote Sagrado
  • Kayac Tour
  • Swim and jump in Magic Cenote (underground river)
  • Snorkel tour in Cenote Labnaha



temple-of-doom-cenoteTemple of Doom – An underwater cavern that requires you to trek about 300 yards into the jungle, then…JUMP! If you’re not feeling quite that adventurous, they also have a ladder you can slowly inch down.  



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATulum Ruins – A tour of the ancient Mayan city and seaside (below). I swear it was a 100 degrees this day, couldnt wait to get down to the beach!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMayan Beach (Tulum) – Due to a global warming, the beach waters back at the resort were not at their best. They were murky and cold. However, after touring the Ruins (above) in blazing hot temps, this water felt just right and was crystal clear.



monkeyYuCARE Ranch (formerly Tulum Monkey Sanctuary) – Yucatan Center of Animal Rescue and Ecology. You can have and up close and personal view of the endangered Yucatan Spider Monkey. But as I’m sure you can imagine, I’m not hardly about that life, I’ll work the camera from way back there somewhere.



piramida-nuhoch-mul-duzyCoba Mayan Village – Another ancient city located in Playa Del Carmen. Although, what sets this apart from some of the others is, it happens to be the largest of it’s kind, it’s surrounded by 4 natural lakes and it has the most preserved  ruins, meaning, hardly and excavation or reconstruction has been done. If you’re up to it, the climb to the top of the pyramid is awesome



xcaret-eco-theme-parkXcaret Eco Theme Park – Explore the tradition and nature of Mexico. You can engage in total cultural experience from entertainment, physical activities  and gastronomy. The park has over 40 attractions to choose from. 



xel-ha-parkXel-Ha Aquarium – The largest natural aquarium in the world and it is also considered the “most beautiful”. Here, you can, kiss the seals, swim with the dolphins, cliff jump or partake in some of the best snorkeling EVER! 



AkumalAkumal Beach –  The jewel of Riviera Maya, located on the Caribbean coast line, Akumal translates to “place of turtles”. Enjoy the white sand beaches, warm teal blue waters, snorkeling with the exotic fish and sea turtles or just congregate where the locals hang out. Make sure to take advantage of the great restaurants on the beach. Note: it gets really crowded, so try to arrive as early as possible.



Zip liningZip Lining at Parque Cenote Las Mojarras – A huge sink hole with a double zip line over it. If you fall, I hope you can swim!



snorklingParque Nacional Arrecife Puerto Morelos –One may ask what is so great about another spot to snorkel at, but, this particular reef has been declared a national marine park. Because tourism is controlled, this is known as one of Mexico’s “best kept secret”. If you’re scared like I was the first time I went out in the boat to just jump out in the water, try the glass bottom boat.



atvsGet on an ATV



HorseGo Horseback Riding



Jet SkiGo Jet Skiing




Avenida 5 – Or 5th Avenue, is said to be one of the most important streets in the area. It host everything from flea markets, street vendors, galleries, specialty shops, restaurants, night clubs and bars. Make sure you make a stop by here before you leave Mexico.

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