About 2 days before departing for Bermuda, I started feeling a bit ill. Once I got there, it went down hill fast. I even ended up in the emergency room one night. Needless to say, I couldn’t really get my “Dora the Explorer” on as I initially planned. But despite it all, I still had a great time and was able to hit up a few spots. 

It’s a small island but if you plan well, you’ll be able to maximize your time there. Although, if you’re able to do even a few of these activities, you’ll be winning! So here the list goes; 


  1. Bermuda horseshoe bayHorseshoe Bay – Has to be one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen…EVER!! Although, I wasn’t feeling well, I just had to feel the water.


  1. Bermuda LighthouseGibbs Hill Lighthouse – One of the world’s oldest cast iron light houses. From the top, you can take in some of the most picturesque views Bermuda has to offer.


  1. Bermuda aquariumBermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo – Is one of the world’s oldest aquariums and is located in Flatts Village over seven acres. Founded in 1926, the aquarium houses over 200 species of fish and other marine invertabrates. While the zoo is not what some may be use to in the traditional sense, is has over 300 birds, reptiles and mammals on display.


  1. cathedralCathedral of the most Holy Trinity – Also known as the Anglican Cathedral located on Church Street in country’s capital.


  1. kiteFly a Kite – Living in NYC, I had forgotten about this nostalgic sport from my childhood. But in Bermuda, they do it big; they build elaborate kites and go all out.


  1. Bermuda Botanical_gardensBotanical Gardens – The largest local public garden in Bermuda. And, as an extra added bonus, admission is free 362 days a year.


  1. Bermuda cavesCrystal & Fantasy Caves – Awesome formations of underground caves, crystals and bluest of waters.


  1. tour trainTake a Guided Tour – Tours are offered by various methods, boat, car, bus, scooter, etc.


  1. ShoppingShopping in Town – Hamilton’s Front Street is for the shopper in you. Make sure you check out the alley-ways. Now, normally, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to step into an alley but these are safe and contain many hidden gems. Be sure to check them out!



  1. dockyard signRoyal Naval Dockyard – Once Bermuda’s navel base located on the Western tip of the island, the historical buildings have been transformed and restored into everything from great food and shopping to wonderful watersports, magnificent museums, working arts and crafts studios – and even the chance to swim with dolphins!


  1. Bermuda National art gallery SlideBermuda National Gallery – The Island’s national gallery that houses both local and international art.


  1. baka townBaka Town- Being that the Island is so pristine and well kept, I wondered if there was a “hood”, “ghetto” or area I should steer clear from. I was told, not really but, the “Back of Town” (behind the city of Hamilton), would be it. However, after the rebel in me perused it anyway, I noticed that this is where the authentic Jamaican restaurant, the fried chicken spot, the Caribbean food store and the Mosque was located. I liked it!


  1. Bermuda African Dance CoBermudian African Dance Company – Bermuda’s largest community-based African cultural arts school and African dance performance ensemble.


  1. parkVisit a Park – They have some of the most lush, well-manicured parks.


  1. swizzleinnSwizzle Inn – I arrived on Friday evening and normally a Friday night would be poppin’ but, it was Good Friday. Almost EVERYTHING was closed. It was a ghost town. But the Swizzle Inn was open for business. It’s one of Bermuda’s most famous pubs.





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