Planning travel can be a stressful experience. With so much on your mind, you will want to keep your cool to enjoy your trip. Luckily there are apps that can help. With these apps, you have a valuable assistant, and all the essential information right under your fingers. And with them by your side, making the most out of your trip will be easy breezy.



trip advisor copyTripAdvisor is the essential app for planning your travels. Business or pleasure, you will find the cheapest flights and travel accommodations. You can book hotels and/or vacations rentals listed. All you need, is to know what to look for. One of the most convenient things about the app is, it allows you to book it right then and there. Also, you can plan your side activities ahead of your journey. You are also able to book tours, excursions, and make restaurants reservations. And with a strong community behind it, you can always get an opinion from your fellow travelers.



TripIt is a great organizing tool to help you with your travel arrangements. The app accesses your confirmation e-mails, creating a master itinerary. It also synchronizes and automatically adds new information, making sure times and dates will be updated on the go. Additionally, TripIt works offline and is supported on all devices. So, if your battery dies on one device, or you exceed mobile data, you will never lose track of the plan.



EB50522D23PackPoint is an ingenious app that will make sure you never forget something to pack. Enter the nature of your trip, location, and duration, and it will provide you with a checklist of the essentials. It also takes into account planned events and the weather forecast when making calculations. Then just check everything off your list, pack your suitcase, and you are good to go.



money savingAll those amazing travels come at a cost. Trippeo is an easy to use app that lets you stay on top of your travel expenses on the go. The greatest feature is the point-and-shoot function. It allows you to store your captured receipts online, and have them under your fingertips. With Trippeo you can also sync all your credit cards. It will automatically update all your travel expenses and provide a report on demand. And with your travel expenses in check you can enjoy your travels.



Localeur is a community-based app that lets you get a feel for the locale. The app is jam-packed with insiders’ knowledge about your destination. Be it the cheapest or something completely off the grid, you will find it. Choose a destination and activity, and in seconds you will be overwhelmed by suggestions. With the locals at your disposal, you will have the ultimate guidebook of your trip.



CityMaps2GoEvery good traveler knows the importance of a descent map. While there are many map apps out there, almost none of them take into account the lack of Wi-Fi during your trip. CityMaps2Go allows you to check out and store every map you will need during your stay. With just one click, the maps are at your disposal at any moment, and free of charge. They are also customizable, so you will always know how to return to the awesome place you just discovered.


With these apps on your smart device, you will have a valuable assistant even before take off. And with them by your side, planning the perfect vacation will be a breeze.


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