About pic trial

Originally hailing from Southern California, Ameera’s quest to find the best of the good stuff began at a young age by sampling the plethora of authentic Mexican street food that was literally at her doorstep. Residing in New York City today (and for the most part, still refusing to discuss Mexican street food outside of SanDiego County…or Tijuana), she has now turned her finicky and discerning palate on the world of culture, travel, and gastronomy.

Possessing a Bachelors in Finance and working in Corporate America, Ameera is currently wrestling with an identity crisis. She is convinced that she is the missing member of the TV show “The Chew” and somehow being at her “other” job, she missed the phone call with her job offer.

While she strives to share information and educate others about the best of the good stuff that she finds in her travels, her motto is always “A little education, a lot of pleasure”. However, she remains admittedly stubborn on certain fronts:

“Just because that messy blob of paint is in a frame in a museum, it doesn’t make it art to me.”

“Lactose intolerant? Take a pill, grab a grilled cheese, and don’t mention it to me again.”

“Gluten? Definitely a serious problem…but not mine. I need crusty bread to dip into olive oil.”

“I’m all for sustainability. Go local. Go organic. But don’t expect me to go eat the nose, the tail, or any other nasty stuff in between for that matter.”

Whether you agree or disagree with her, Ameera invites you to join the conversations she starts and discover for yourself the best of the good stuff this world has to offer.