When I meet people in other locations, be it international or domestic, and hear them speak on what THEY perceive to be California, the theme is generally the same. They assume, it’s always sunny, the streets are lined with palm trees, there are beaches everywhere and we live at the beach. Like it’s just one run-on episode of the show “Baywatch”.

They think all the men are running around shirtless with six packs and all the women have been artificially enhanced and hang out in bikinis all day. Now, depending on where you are at, you could very well see this scene repeated over and over again. As a Californian, from San Diego to be exact;

  • YES, in San Diego, the weather is usually ALWAYS nice. It ranges from 70-75 year round
  • YES, in San Diego, palm trees are EVERYWHERE, even in the worst neighborhoods
  • YES, in San Diego, we have tons of beaches and they are some of the most beautiful beaches EVER
  • YES, in San Diego, people spend lots of time at the beach

OK, so people perceptions of California may be sort of  valid, but there is NO denying how beautiful San Diego is. If you lived in a place like this, wouldn’t you take advantage?



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