If you are in NYC and want a good southern meal reminiscent of the kind your Grandmother would cook…Head uptown to Amy Ruth’s.

Established in 1998, it has now become a “must dine at”  institution in Harlem. Not super fancy, but a humble, clean establishment with a friendly staff and a family like ambiance. Beware, if you plan on dining on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, get there early. The line will be down the block!

Their specialties include southern staples such Fried Chicken and Fish, Smothered Turkey Wings, Mac n’ Cheese, Red Beans & Rice,  Grits, a Waffle Menu, and the BEST Sweet Tea Ever!


 Second Dining Room






 Cornbread and Half & Half (Sweet Tea-Lemonade)



 Cinnamon Waffle w/Banana & Pecans



 Fried Chicken, Okra & Rice n’ Gravy



 Pan Seared Salmon w/Peach Butter, Mac n’ Cheese, Yams


The restaurant is open 7 days a week and for those that need late night after the club meal, they’re open til 5:30 am on Friday & Saturday. If you decide to give them a try…Tell them I sent you!


Amy Ruth’s
113 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10026
(212) 280-8779

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