For everyone who’s decided to see the world and is coming from the way too exotic Land Down Under, enjoying Europe must be the first thing on their list. And, of course, what destination should you visit first if not France. It’s the wonderful love-rated destination, the land of gorgeous wine and cheese, the home of people who that stand out and own their cultural inheritance, history, fashion and everything else that comes with it.

While the French countryside is absolutely stunning, everyone going to France will, understandably, first want to see Paris, the city of lights and love. And if you are indeed headed this way, you might start feeling a bit lost as there is so much to see! To someone who is visiting for the first time the array of offers can be quite overwhelming, so we’ll give you some suggestions and make your trip to Paris everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be.

Make a stop at Marais

Le Marais is one of those places tourist must visit on their way to the city of lights; it is the closest you’ll get to the feel of medieval Paris. Also, this area has more pre-revolutionary streets and buildings left intact than any other area in Paris.

After the revolution, much of the area was abandoned by the rich, and poor bohemian types moved in. The area was nearly destroyed by city officials who wanted to modernize Paris as it was considered so squalid and filthy. Before Napoleon showed up to the Marais, this is what most of Paris looked like which definitely makes for an interesting historical fact. “The rest of Paris was razed by Napoleon and Haussman who wanted to build huge avenues and gigantic squares such as the Place Concorde. These are now the glory of Paris, but they were originally conceived so that armies and artillery could be moved around the city to keep the poor in check and defeat invaders”, write historians.



ParisVisit Hôtel de Sully

No, this isn’t just another hotel; Hôtel de Sully is a private mansion, in the Louis XIII style. While you are still in Le Marais, you must visit this glorious architectural achievement that will leave you breathless! It is located at 62 rue Saint-Antoine, so don’t forget to make a stop there and snap a few photos.



Paris2Try glorious Paris Falafels

You haven’t been to Paris if you haven’t tried their amazing falafels. Falafel sandwiches from the hip Paris neighborhood known as the Marais have become a must-eat tourist destination and for a good reason – they taste heavenly and look delicious! Choose any of the tastes you like, you won’t be disappointed.



France2Take a ride down la Seine

Known around the world for its beauty, la Seine is definitely the river you should take a ride down. Organized river cruises in France is a popular touristic attraction ,but,even the locals love it! Organizing a picnic by the river or going for a stroll on its banks is also a wonderful idea, try it!


Latin quarter (Quartier Latin)

Doesn’t the name alone evoke images of bohemian Paris at its height? This once intellectual center has indeed lost much of its originality but it has preserved a lot of its unique identity which is why it still qualifies as one of the most attractive tourist spots. Take a stroll in this area and try to memorize as much of its beauty as possible. The glory and historic relevance makes this is truly a enviable piece of history unraveling before our eyes.



FranceVisit Montmartre

The way New Yorkers talk about the Village, Parisians talk about Montmartre – it’s now more like Disneyland than anything else, nothing’s like it’s used to be, tourists are everywhere, etc. But, given you are a tourist – going here will change your life!



RoxieDo some wining, shopping and dining

Paris isn’t cheap but splurging a little on yourself is no crime; have a lovely meal at Epicure and go shopping in Champs Elysées afterwards (the most famous shopping street in Paris). Treat yourself to a museum ticket and see a spectacular museum in a station.



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