Nothing quite says romance like a secluded spot on an exotic island, fringed by powdery white beaches and deep aqua blue waters, or a lush green jungle brimming with biodiversity, complemented by a world class spa that engages the best of nature. The world’s largest continent, Asia, naturally contains all of the above, sometimes even in the same spot. Listed below is a standout resort from each of Asia’s main countries that offers a chance for a tryst with love and a vibrant mixture of colours, smells and tastes that will leave with you a lasting memory.

If it’s not too late for Valentine’s Day, woo your significant other with a trip to these exclusive all-villa/suite resorts, adding that much-desired extra level of privacy. But really, there is never a bad time to visit resorts, or places, as beautiful as these to rekindle or start a new romantic adventure.

Cambodia: Song Saa Private Island

What I love: This all-inclusive private island means not having to worry about adding up the bill at check-out. The resort ensures that all guests leave their worries behind having already paid and are pampered to the max during their stay.

Cambodia - Song Saa

China: Amanfayun, Hangzhou

What I love: Set in “heaven on Earth” and what Marco Polo once described as “the greatest city in the world”, this boutique Aman resort restores the spirit of an old Chinese village in Hangzhou with stone pathways, shaded courtyards and peaceful abodes, eschewing contemporary and modern luxuries.

China - Amanfayun

India: The Serai Chikmagalur, Karnataka

What I love: This luxurious accommodation in relatively unexplored western India is topped only by its natural setting, where lush green coffee plantations, India’s first and arguably finest, freshen the aroma of the area.

India - The Serai

Indonesia: Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali

What I love: If the stunning view doesn’t capture your attention, then the cabanas that hang over the private terrace by the pool in each villa make for an ideal private dining destination.

indonesia - Alila Villas Uluwatu

Japan: Hoshinoya Kyoto

What I love: Japanese simplicity and elegance, reflected in the architecture and interiors of this ryokan (Japanese inn), marries a rich variety of colours, particularly in autumn when the leaves display everything from deep green to pale gold to bright red.

Japan - Hoshinoya Kyoto

Maldives: W Retreat & Spa

What I love: Maldives has long been the romantic retreat of the rich. The W takes this tropical destination to new heights with its “Whatever, whenever” service holding true, cutting-edge design and stunning house reef. Click here to read our review of the W Retreat & Spa, Maldives.

Maldives - W Maldives

Philippines: The Farm at San Benito

What I love: This resort in the Philippines has gained regional and worldwide recognition for its detox and spa, ideal for not only cleansing the body and mind of toxins, but for freeing it of any stresses as well. With yoga thrown into the mix, the resort’s setting, deep amidst a thick thriving jungle, only add to the resort’s appeal.

Philippines - The Farm at San Benito

Sri Lanka: Jetwing Vil Uyana

What I love: In the shadows of a 2,000 year old rock fortress sits a man-made wonder that has perfected a balance of living between mankind and nature. The man-made wetlands are host to this unique resort that houses stilted thatched-huts above its green wetlands, with the region displaying a stunning wealth of biodiversity.

Sri Lanka - Jetwing

Thailand: Trisara, Phuket

What I love: Trisara translates to ‘third garden in heaven’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit. With the resort perched on a slope, the view appears to reach out towards heaven, accentuated by the infinity pools disappearing seamlessly into the ocean.

Thailand - Trisara

Vietnam: Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Ninh Van Bay

What I love: The rock plunge pools that accompany the villas are a treat that blend beautiful design with its surroundings without comprising on either factor, and make for the perfect dip in the pool, a deux.

Vietnam - Six Senses

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