You may be asking what do these things have in common?

Well, they are the 3 quintessential items that make up Jacob’s Pickles. Self described as “New American Craft Experience”, JPs, specializes in comfort food. Almost everything with the exception of the some of the beers, is made in house and sourced locally. While all the beer may not be completely local, they do pull from all 5 boroughs in NYC and some of the best breweries around the country. They have over 25 esoteric American microbrews on tap and also specialize in their own infusions; made of organic vodkas infused with exotic fruits and herbs. 

However, the 2 things you must have if you dine here are the pickles and the biscuits. Of course the have the traditional Kosher Dills, but they also have eclectic range of pickles from, hot and sours, sweet and spicy carrots, sour green tomatoes, candy red beets and green beans.

Ok…let me just give a little disclaimer, I’m a self admitted carb junk so if I sound overly excited about these biscuits, don’t mind me. But, these biscuit taste like love. They’re huge, served warm with different fixins’ such as, clover honey, salted & maple butters, and house-made strawberry & orange preserves. YES!!!!

Ok, Im calm now…

Located in one of my favorite NYC neighborhoods, the Upper Westside, JPs  has lively bar and makes for a perfect date night, out with the crew or brunch spot.

Jacob’s Pickles
509 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10024

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One comment on “Beer, Biscuits & Pickles???

  1. Jamane on said:

    Sooooo Delicious….

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