This weekend, while hanging out with friends, I had an a-ha moment. I mean, I know that New York City is considered one of the best cities in the world, and although I’m always itching to globetrot off somewhere afar and blog about it, what about my city? In all honesty, if I were to just blog about NYC, I would never run out of material. While the 5 boroughs make up an extremely small city compared to others, NYC is still HUGE…We do it big!!! 

Soooo, my friends challenged me to do a “Blog NYC Series”. I’m just uber happy the weather is starting to warm up or I might have punk’d out of this challenge (I’m a total warm weather girl).

I’m not sure quite what the format will be yet. Meaning, I don’t know if I will feature the super “touristy” stuff or if I will do it weekly, daily or what. But what I do know is, starting next week, you guys will be learning all about what the Big Apple has to offer one blog post at a time!

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2 comments on “Blog NYC Series

  1. Hi Nakisha,
    Your blog is impressive! You’ve been to all these places?? Pretty Fantastic!

    An idea! I live in Bushwick so, when you’re working on the NYC series, let me know if you’d like to visit some cool galleries and street art in the area! Seriously.

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