So, I know this post is super late and all after the fact.  However, I was having a few hosting issues and ended up switching servers and some other technical mumbo jumbo. With that said…

Guess who’s bizzack!!!! Since this is “Flashback Friday” and for the past week, it seems it has snowed every other day in NYC, let me come on in with my little ray of sunshine in this post.

Boca Chica is a municipality and a popular beach located in Santo Domingo, about 30 kilometers east on the south shore of the island. Being that there is no real beach along the Malecón, this is the hot spot for beach heads and it’s only a cab ride away.

There are a few things to keep in mind to have a successful beach day;

1. Arrive EARLY-  Not “I’m on vacation early”, but early, like you are “going to work early”. This is such a popular beach for tourist and locals alike, that all the good lounging areas fill up quickly.

2. Pick a Place- There are a string of restaurants and bars along the coast that have direct access to the beach, that also offer decks with lounge chairs and cabanas. The best part is, they are absolutely free. There are no minimum order requirements but if you are going to be there ALL DAY like we were, you’re bound to eat. The staff was friendly and super attentive.


Neptunes rest

BC Nep DeckWe were told Neptunos was the place to be so, that’s where we went. For some strange reason, I don’t have any pics of the actual area we hung out at all day, but, it was the BEST spot there and in the middle of the deck you could drop down and swim with these little guys below. I thought it was some sort of an aquarium until my Sunshine politely informed me “Uhhh, it’s the ocean, they live there”. LOL I know, I know, I’m a yankee… blame my mama!


WaterThe water was warm and so crystal clear, you could see the White sand on the ocean floor. It was amazing!


Pull boatInitially, when we arrived, there was an overcast. However, once it rained for about 30 minutes and the sun came out, there was a plethora of activities…



sail boat

PAddle BOarding


For all you smokers…they have a humidor on the premiseshumidor


Other options along the beach…Another Restaurants

Next Restaurant


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