OK, I know what you’re probably thinking, 2 things…

1. That’s a whole lot of stuff going on in one venue and;

2. Home of the best fried chicken…according to who???

I first heard about Brooklyn Bowl via Twitter. Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s younger sister for those that don’t know) did a run as a celeb DJ, appearing every Thursday a couple of years back and use to tweet about it. Now, let me preface this by saying no shade to Solo because I love her and, she is actually my favorite Knowles sister, however, I had never known her to be a DJ and she is the same girl that performed in a laundromat in Brooklyn on top of washers and dryers. With that said, I assumed it was some rinky-dink hole in the wall where 15 year olds congregated.

But, to the contrary, its a uber fly spot, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (land of the hipsters). Upon first glance it looks like an industrial building, but once you enter you can see how the space has been efficiently transformed in to a bowling alley, concert hall, bar and restaurant.


Good Lanes


brooklyn-bowl- Stage jpg

 Concert space, without (above) and with (below) people



Now, about this fried chicken…We (Black Americans) tend to have this ongoing debate with any and everyone about who makes the best fried chicken. Of course, we think it’s us. We think that we (mama, grandmother, or someone in our family) carry the crown and this is especially the case if you are from the South. And before I started traveling the world and partaking in global cuisines, I probably agreed.

But have you ever had Korean, yes you read that right, Korean or Caribbean fried chicken? Because it makes me rethink this monopoly we think we have on the yard bird. Anyway, a couple of years back the Bowl’s fried chicken was featured on Food Network’s “The Best Thing I ever Ate. They have this whole process where they cut up the chicken, soak it in egg whites, dredged it in flour that contains Matzo Meal, fry it and lastly, sprinkle with their secret spice blend.  They serve it up with white bread, honey and 2 sides. And me being who I am, of course I put hot sauce in my honey.

While I don’t know if they have the “BEST” fried chicken, it was pretty amazing, I’d definitely put it in my top 10. It’s super crispy, well seasoned and not at all greasy. The sides were nicely done too. The mac n’ cheese smelled and tasted like pure calories…which is a good thing in case you weren’t sure. We also had the Bourbon St. Milkshake that was made with Nutella and a shot of Bourbon. I thought it would be strong but it was perfect!



BK Mac

Cole Slaw

Burbon Milkshake


Ever had the fried chicken at Brooklyn Bowl? Know of a place that makes better fried chicken? Let me know your thoughts!

Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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