It’s no secret that New York City is infamous for gridlock traffic. In almost any movie that’s set in NYC, we’ve all seen that scene; you know the one with the person struggling to get somewhere in either a yellow cab or black car but they’re stuck in a sea of cars that don’t seem to be moving? 

Yep! Well that’s just not the movies boys and girls, its real life.

Yes, we have the subways and, I can admit, when you’re a tourist and this is NOT your everyday life, it seems great and it can be…in small doses. But, now that Spring has officially sprung and everyone one wants to be out in these streets; driving or strap-hanging may not be the best modes of transportation.

An awesome multifaceted alternative is, bike riding. Different from any other metropolitan city,  New York while very big, it’s also very compact. You can literally get from one neighborhood to another in a matter of minutes, via walking or bike.

CP Bikes 2Although there are many different places that do bike rentals in the city, one of the most convenient is, Citi-bikes. 


CitiBikeCiti-Bikes is a bike sharing service that has many different hubs located through-out city. Basically, you can pick a bike up at one location and drop it off at another.

Also, if you have a friend like my friend J, and she some how convinces you to bike ALL the way from Harlem to the Brooklyn Bridge and you’re over it, you can ditch the bike and hop on the train or in a cab. #simple

The pricing is reasonable, ranging from $9.95 for a 24-hr pass, $25 for a 7 days and $149 for the year. 


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