So bust, how I was at home minding my own business last night and my savage of a friend Riley called from the gym wanting to do what we usually do…EAT!!! Ok, maybe that’s not exactly how it happened. I may have texted her asking if did she want to go get curry and roti. I figured since I have been cleaning eating and working out consistently, why not to treat myself. She just happened to be at the gym and said we should do something healthier, like seafood soup.

I let Google be my friend and viola, we were on a mission to Ed’s Chowder House…

Ed’s is located in the Empire Hotel directly across from Lincoln Center. Being that neither of us had ever been there, upon arriving we opted to sit in the bar area at the high tables because we felt under dressed. While the main dining room didn’t actually have White table cloths on the tables, it still gave you that ambiance. The bar area was still pleasant though.



Now remember, the plan was seafood soup, but of course because we are both proud members of team extra, we couldn’t just do what we said…



We looked at the menu and then this happened…


SaladCrispy Clam Salad w/ Arugula and Shaved Vegetables 


friesFries…for some reason we think fries are an appetizer


BreadCornbread and Jalapeño & Cheddar Biscuits 


Blue-CrabManhattan Blue Crab Chowder 


LobsterLoaded Lobster Chowder


While, I don’t really feel like this was a “healthy meal”, I can say that the seafood was so fresh, that I felt like I was sitting at an ocean side dock and the fisherman brought it right out the water and prepare my meal for me. That has to count for something…No? All I can say is, if you have foodie friends like I do, you can never prosper, because food trumps EVERYTHING…it’s ALWAYS all about food! #TheStruggleIsSoReal

Anywho, if the mood hits you, swing by Ed’s and as usual, tell them I sent you!

Ed’s Chowder House
44 West 63rd Street (In the Empire Hotel)
New York, NY 10023

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