Did I ever tell you, along with being super passionate about authentic Mexican food, I am also a Jerk Chicken enthusiast? Well, I am. Whenever I go to a Jamaican restaurant, I judge them, by how their Jerk Chicken is. Now I know you’re probably thinking, who the heck are you? But, who I am is a person that has done the research, has been to Jamaica numerous times, and has eaten it enough to know what real jerk is.

I noticed that over the years, we in America and other places around the world, have sort of reduced the concept of “jerk”,  to the sauce. However, “jerking” is actually a method of cooking something. While it usually involves some type of marinade or rub that generally consist of allspice berries (pimentos), scallions and scotch bonnets peppers, the most important part is the slow smoking over pimento wood. Oh and the chopping after it’s done.

So basically, what I am saying is, if you are going to give me some jerk chicken that has been cooked in the oven ( I don’t care if it has been marinated in gold) or that is left whole and not chopped…DON’T! I really don’t want it. Sorry.

Needless to say, I will travel all over trying to find good jerk and I’ve found it. I’ve been following the @JerkChickenMan on social networking for the better part of 2014. I knew he was located in Philly, which is only about an hour and a half away but due to scheduling conflicts I never got a chance to connect with him until this Saturday.


The Set UpI was not disappointed at all! He was on the corner of 2nd and Laurel ave, in the Northern Liberties (I have no clue where this really is, but thank God for GPS) and I could see and smell the smoky aroma from a block away.


Me and BIt was about 11pm and COLD outside but we (my brother B and I) were out there, with a host of others. Even the police were trying to get their jerk chicken fix.



Sauces-2While we waited, he gave us samples of chicken and a chance to test the various sauces. There was a plethora to choose from and I finally settled on 4…yeah 4, don’t judge me! As of late I have been on this Blueberry kick, so of course I chose that, the Blueberry/Mango/Pear, Banana/Pineapple/Apple and the Habanero Jerk Sauce, and let me tell you, it is NOT for the faint of heart. I felt like my nose ran the whole time I was eating but I never stopped LOL.




Jerk WingsHe had, leg quarters, wings and breast. I wanted to try them all but I was skeptical to try the breast meat because it can be dry, but not his…. Good lord it was so on point. Which is probably why I didn’t get a chance to take more pics of MY actual food, because, I inhaled it!

I’m currently plotting on reasons that I need to be back in Philly, other than just being greedy. Bottom line is, if you live in the vicinity of Philadelphia and have not been to see him, then you are really doing yourself a disservice. Treat yourself, have #TheExperience!

I believe he changes locations but, you can follow him to get live updates on where he will be at any given time on the following:

Twitter/Instagram – @Jerkchickenman
Facebook – Side of the Road Authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Website – http://www.sideoftheroadjerkchicken.com

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