My time in Paris was absolutely amazing and while I had some great food, I can say, not a lot of it was actually French. Anyone that knows me, knows how open I am to trying different types of cuisine. I LOVE it. But, for whatever reason, I am not now, nor have I ever been, big on French food. I think it has something to do with the texture of the few dishes I’ve tried.

I will say this, I noticed a few common themes among most of the French restaurants:

  • Every French restaurant has Beef Tartare, Escargot, a Duck dish and Fois Gras (fatty duck liver) on the menu
  • Chicken is not big in Paris, duck is the poultry of choice. And if there happens to be chicken on the menu, it is served one way…roasted
  • There are tons of Italian restaurants, I mean tons. Like 3 on 1 block.
  • Dessert is offered with every meal (and I accepted every meal)
  • France has some of the best baked goods EVER!
  • They do breakfast extremely well
  • Much like New York City, Paris is one big ball of diversity. You can find everything there that you can find in NYC (e.g. Asian, West Indian, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern food, etc.)

So, I won’t make this a real wordy read, but it will be all about the food.

Now normally, I’m not a breakfast or sweets person BUT, they do it sooooo well! I looked forward going to this little cafe that was down the block from the hotel every morning. They even have a location in New York.

Eggs and toasr

 Scrambled Eggs w/Olive Oil and Toast

French toast

French Toast w/Cognac Cream…This tasted like LOVE!

YES! I am the only person that goes to Paris and finds Guyanese and African restaurants.

curry chicken

Curry Chicken

stew chix

Stew Chicken

Plantians guyplantians african

avocado salad

 Avocado Salad

good fishFried Fish

How they do lunch – Salads and Tartines (French open faced sandwich)

Chicken salad


There are a plethora of Italian spots.


Shrimp risotto

Shrimp Risotto w/Saffron Cream


Sweet Eats


Straw tart


spice cake w fresh cream

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One comment on “The Food – Paris, France

  1. Looking at all those picture of great food makes my mouth water. I now know where to go when i plan my next trip….

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