It’s been years since I have just “hung out” in San Diego. Generally, when I go, its for a specific reason and I get in and out as quick as possible. So going “just because” for 3 days was new to me.

I got to see a different side of my city and how much it has changed over the last 8 years. I must say, the food….it has come up big time. It’s so diverse and I actually wished I had more time to check out all the new eateries. While I ate at a few note worthy places, it was still all about the Mexican Food and Taco Shops.

Ok, so I know everyone is sick of hearing me talk about the Mexican food in San Diego. I know you are all wondering what is the big damn deal. But, unless you have eaten it, you really wouldn’t understand. To paint a vivid picture for you, I need you to wipe away any memories of Mexican food you have EVER eaten.

Then, I need you to understand, when we eat Mexican food in San Diego it’s rarely ever at a posh sit down restaurant. Nope, we eat at “Taco Shops”. And let me tell you, they are nothing fancy. Sometimes they are extremely small, about the size of a walk in closet but the food they produce is massive and always from scratch.

You can be in ANY class of neighborhood and you will spot a “taco shop” on every other corner and you will know it’s a taco shop because, 9 times out of 10, they consist of 2 or more contrasting colors and/or have an name ending in “erto”. Meaning, Roberto’s, Alberto’s, Filiberto’s, Aiberto’s, etc….

Taco Shop Signs



Next, forget any elaborate, lavish, or eco-friendly packaging, your food is usually served on styrofoam trays,  covered in foil  or wrapped in white paper sheets. Which is probably why 2  people can eat for $10 easy and be full.

menu board


Lastly, I don’t care if you are not  big fan or Mexican food or you eat at the “so-called” best restaurants in San Diego, you haven’t had the full experience unless you have eaten at a taco shop. 3 things I  can guarantee  is, there is something for everyone, they make believers out of everyone and you will never leave disappointed.

Try it and thank me later!!!!



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  2. Hahahaha, ja, jammen bra at oljepengene g̴r til noe fornuftig Рsom luksusleiligheter og yachter for overnatting under ONS, og som du sier, fyrverkeri! :-DHege recently posted..

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