Of course, I grew up eating Dominican food so it’s not new to me.  However, for those that are not familiar, it’s very similar to other Caribbean/Latin/African countries that have diets that consist of , beans, rice, fresh meats and fish, and last but not least, plantains. Be it green or yellow, breakfast, lunch or dinner, boiled, fried or smashed, they do plantains. I swear, I use to think plantains were a food group all on their own because they were served so much…

As of late I have been trying to shed a few unwanted pounds and have committed myself to clean eating but, I said when I went to DR, I was going to eat good, and boy oh boy, did I!!!

For the most part, we stayed eating from the local restaurants around the Malecon. We generally ate the breakfast buffet at the hotel (it was free) and then ventured out for lunch and Dinner.


AD Trop

Adrian Tropical – This restaurant was within walking distance from our hotel and from what we could tell, while moderately priced, it’s a special event place e.g. anniversaries and birthdays. They come around to your table, play the drums, dance, sing happy birthday and present you with a piece of cake. I swear, they must have sang it about 6 times, each of the times we were there. We ate there on 2 separate occasions. We thought the food was really good but we also didn’t have anything else to compare it to.


waterOutdoor seating – This was our view


Shrimp-MofongoShrimp Mofongo –  Green plantians, first fried, then smashed in a pilon, topped w/Shrimp in Garlic Sauce. When I first tasted this, I wanted to stand up and dance it was so GOOD!


AD Boca Chica SnapperBoca Chica Style Fish– Whole Fried Red Snapper


AD tostonesTostones- Green Plantains, fried, smashed and fried again. This was served with the Snapper and their equivalent to French Fries.


On our day trip to Boca Chica, we hung out at a beautiful beach side restaurant, Neptunos. I’m not sure why we really didn’t eat much but instead, we just sort of snacked on some Tostones, Calamari and had drinks. Being on the beach, you guessed it, fresh seafood dominated the menu.

Neptunes rest

Nep food

Tropical Drink



Last but not least, was El Conuco. I wish we had known about this place from the beginning! It was right around the corner, the food was AMAZING and it was probably the most reasonable for what we got.

dining room

PilonPilons on every table for smashing plantains

DrinksPassion Fruit Mojito and Caribbean Passion – As you can see, we were the ones with the drinks but others were mad thirsty!

CevicheSeafood Ceviche – Shrimp, Calamari and Conch

SteakGrilled Steak w/chimichurri and sweet plantians

Pica PolloPico Pollo – Fried chicken and there is something about Caribbean fried chicken…It was EPIC! And of course you guessed it, Tostones

DessertCoconut flesh, marinated in a Passion fruit cream

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  1. OMG! Can we go back now? I really want some more of that Boca Chica fish…yummy!!! LOL @ the thirsty comment

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