Top 5 Tamil (South-Indian) Cuisines

By Rohit Agarwal

The wandering eyes of every foodie desires a cuisine that appeals to them, fascinates their taste buds and has an attracting aroma. India is a host to all such cuisines that make their way to relish your quest for food. India caters to different cuisines from its northern, eastern, western and southern regions. The most popular cuisines savoured throughout India though, are the northern and southern cuisines. Southern Indian cuisine is a combination of cuisines from the five southern states of India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. The most relished among them, is the Tamilian. Let’s take you through the five specialties of this cuisine:



idliIdli – Steamed Rice Cake

Image Credits Premshree

Considered to be the chart topper of the breakfast delicacies, eaten widely throughout the country; Idli holds a place for itself in almost every breakfast menu card not only in South India, but also in the other regions of the country. A light and healthy snack to munch upon whenever you feel a little hungry. Can be savoured any time of the day, but is widely popular during breakfast. It is non spicy and to add that punch of spice, it is generally served with different types of chutneys and sambhar (a stew of lentils and vegtables, seasoned with spices).




dosaDosa – A Rice Batter Pancake

Image Credits ellenm1

Want it to be filling, but want it to be light’- if this is the appetite you desire; then Dosa is the right choice. Pancakes made of rice served in diverse versions – Masala Dosa, Paper Dosa, Onion Dosa, Plain Dosa, etc. It is one of the most sought for street foods of India. It is again accompanied with Sambhar and dry / wet chutney. Masala Dosa was amongst the ‘World’s 50 most delicious foods’ compiled by CNN Go in 2011. It is a major attraction for foreigners visiting India and is relished by people from different continents.



vadaMedhuVada – Doughnuts Made From Lentils Batter

Image Credits Young Sok

The ancientness of the MedhuVada – a crispy fritter, moulded in a doughnut shape, made with urad dal; flatters your breakfast platter with its wholesomeness. Though now-a-days you get a wide variety of these like: Masala Vada, PalakVada or Dal Vada, but the basic variant is the MedhuVada or UlundhuVadai (in Tamil). It is not only a patent of the Tamilian households but is also a topper in the street food list. Unlike the other Tamil breakfast delicacies (majorly steamed or cooked with minimal oil), the MedhuVada is deep fried in oil and served with piping hot Sambhar and chutney.



rasamRasam – The Tangy Tamarind Soup

Image Credits Kaustav

Every cuisine has its own version of soups, for some it contains the very essence of all that is nourishing, while for the others it just adds flavour to the meal. Whatever the belief, but soups have occupied a significant place in our meals. The Tamil cuisine also abides by adding Rasam – A tomato and tamarind juice, to their meals. Rasam has tamarind as its main ingredient and hence has a tangy taste and is considered to be an appetizer. Tough Rasam is mainly popular in Tamil Nadu, but is prepared in the rest of southern India with different names like ‘Saaru’ or ‘Chaaru’.



chettinad-chikenChettinad Chicken – The Spicy Non Veg Treat

Image Credits Michelle

A spicy treat from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu; this chicken is staple to the trading community of the state. Chettinad chicken is served in a fiery curry and is known popularly for its aroma and chillies that tinkle your palette. Chettinad cuisine offers a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, but spices are key role players in all these dishes. If you are a non-vegetarian foodie and want to savour mouth-watering and eye watering dishes, chettinad chicken is the perfect pick.


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Rohit is a foodie and loves to explore different cuisines of India as well the world. In his quest to pounce upon the best flavours, he does not miss any opportunity to relish his palette by eating the varied cuisines, but also ensures to propagate about the same through his articles and blogs.

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