While Bermuda is an island, they are NOT part of the Caribbean. Technically, they are part of the North American continent, BUT, are considered the British Oversees. And, that is how they like to be referred to…as British.


Arial ViewGeography

Bermuda is very close to the East Coast of the United States. You can get there on a direct flight from NYC in about 2 hours.

The Island is only 21 square miles. You can drive from one end to the other in about an hour and a half.

They have a population of 60,000 people. To further put it in perspective, the island of Manhattan (New York City) is a little over 22 square miles and has a population of approx. 2 million people. With that being said, almost everyone knows everyone. If you encounter any issues coming thru customs/immigration, drop a name. Chances are, 9 times out of 10, they will know the person you are coming to visit.

When navigating the island, there are 3 main roads, North Shore, South Shore and Middle Road. When trying to reach a destination, simply find out which road it’s off.

There is only one city in the country, Hamilton (the Capital). Everything else is a parish.




If coming from the U.S. the money is 1 to 1. Meaning, if something is $12, it’s the same price whether you are you are using BMD or USD. If you give them a $20 bill, you can get your change back in dollars or BMD or a mix of the 2. However, if for whatever reason you choose to convert your dollars to BMD, there is a fee.

Bermuda is a super expensive. Because it’s such a tiny island, EVERYTHING is imported with makes the price increase dramatically!




Like the UK, they drive on the Left side of the road and the driver’s seat is located on the right side of the car, which to many is the passenger’s seat.

To get around the island, they offer the option of public transportation aka the bus and ferries.

BusThe buses run pretty frequently and cost $3 for a one-way fare. You must have the exact change, and in coins ONLY. To make the process simple for you, their system is color-coded; Pink goes to town (the city of Hamilton) and Blue goes away from the city to the parishes.


Bermuda ferriesFerries run from the city of Hamilton to a few of the different parishes and range in price from $2.50 – $4.

Because the Island is so small and households are restricted to one car each, many of the residents choose either a bike, or moped as their means of transportation. Although they offer this option to tourist, beware, the roads are super winding and if you are not familiar with the area and its road, you are often left at a disadvantage. Bermuda has a high rate of tourist injuries and fatalities for those that opt for 2-wheeled transportation. So again, use your better judgment and proceed with caution.



The Locals

They are super friendly. EVERYONE will greet you and speak to you, however, you may not always understand them. They’re accent is sort of a mix of British with a country drawl. To help you out here’s a briefing on Bermudian speak 101:

How you? – How are you
Good night – Good evening
Where you to? – Where are you going?
What time you make? – What time are you doing such and such?



The Food/Drinks

The roofsAll the roofs in Bermuda are designed like this, no matter what kind of structure it is. Bermuda’s only source of water is rainfall. The roofs are created like this with small holes on the different levels, so that when it rains, every building can collect it’s own water. THERE is NO government or public water department. There is also no federal or standard regulation in regards to cleaning the water. Each structure is responsible for their own water supply. I said all that to say, you can use the water for almost anything but unless you’re sure, you may want to DRINK bottled water.



fish chowderSince Bermuda is one big mash up of different ethnicities, the food is very diverse. I was told the 4 major nationalities that make up Bermuda are, British, Canadian, American and Jamaican. With that being said, you can find any food that you would find in those particular countries. They only native Bermudian cuisine item I could find was;

Fish Chowder – This is BIG. Almost every menu, regardless of the type of cuisine, had this on it. They top it off with Black Seal Rum and hot pepper oil.

Rum cakes – They use their Black Seal Rum quite a bit.

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