Whenever I book a hotel room and it’s not part of one of well know hotel/resort franchises, I’m always a little leery. However, I knew it was a good sign when I called about two weeks in advance of my arrival and the front desk clerk spoke fluent English…YES!!! If anyone remembers my World Cup debacle, you know how I was so over being in a country where I could NOT communicate with anyone.


The hotel has a smaller boutique type feel with only 24 rooms in total. Having gone through a complete renovation in 2012,  the rooms have modern fixtures, are clean, and very well kept.






I can honestly say that in all my years of travel and the numerous places I’ve been, I could easily rank them in my top 3. The staff is extremely pleasant, helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for you.

The wifi is FREE and unlimited. Meaning, no matter how many devices you have, you can use them all. Also, if you don’t have an itinerary already planned, they will help you. They have a plethora of brochures and discount coupons for Paris’ most frequented attractions. And if you buy online tickets/passes, the hotel will print them out for you.

While they don’t have a sit down restaurant, they do offer a breakfast buffet, have a bar/lounge area and a fully stocked snack bar.






The Opera Frochot, while located in what is referred to as the “Red Light” district, is also centrally located between  many of Paris’ must see attractions. You can literally walk to the Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, Galeries Lafayette and Garnier Opera House. If walking is not your thing, the Pigalle metro station is a 1 minute walk away.

The fact that the location of the hotel is so perfect, no matter what direction you choose to go in you will find something to do. The area is full of restaurants, lounges, bars, clubs, theaters and adult novelty shops…if that’s your thing.


So, if asked would I stay at this hotel again, the answer would be emphatically, yes!



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2 comments on “Hotel Opera Frochot – Paris, France

  1. Yes.. That’s an hotel for me to stay in cause wen i travel to different country i need some who can understand me…

  2. Love it.

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