I keep telling y’all, Koreans do it better!!!

Ok, Ok…I’ll stop making this one group vs. another group in regards to who fries the best chicken, but, they do fry some really awesome chicken.

Divinely crisp, well seasoned and not greasy at all, I’m not sure if they use flour, cornstarch or a combination of both as batter. What I do know is, they offer a couple of sauces that work in perfect conjunction with the already delectable chicken.

I’ve been to a couple of different spots in NYC, but this weekend I found myself at Turntable – Mad for Chicken, a retro bar & restaurant with a cool vintage feel.

Chicken Slide



While it was pretty packed, we were immediately seated and waited on by an attentive staff. Although, I think our waiter was laughing at Den and I as we kept adding to our order. We were starving and every time we looked at the menu we decided to add something. That’s what happens when you give us girls too many options.




We decided on the half and half (sweet & spicy and soy garlic) combo (wings and drumsticks) with hushpuppies. Apparently, since the chicken is cooked fresh to order, it takes about 25 minutes. Well in that case, we need appetizers…




IMG_1231Mexican Street Corn


IMG_1230Spicy Seaweed Salad


IMG_1229Smokey Handcut Fries


IMG_1232Finally!!! Our Chicken came…I wanted to get up on the table and happy dance but I kept it cool!


PancakeKimchi Pancake


fried riceKimchi Fried Rice


Yeah…Don’t judge us. Just rush over to Korea Town, next time you’re in Manhattan. You won’t be sorry! As usual, tell them I sent you.


Turntable – Mad for Chicken
314 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10001

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