So, I was taking a quick stroll through Eataly (I LOVE this place incase you don’t already know) when I spotted something interesting….

Now, while I don’t have a huge sweet tooth and prefer the savory to sweet any day, there are those occasions when I do indulge. But for me, I don’t like a lot of junk. When I eat sweets, I like them natural. I don’t do ingredients such as, high fructose corn syrup or fake sugars EVER.

Anyhoo, I saw these little adorable packages of petite cookies made by Carla Hall, who is Mario Batalli’s co-host on the show “The Chew”. If you have ever watched the show, you probably have heard Carla talk about how she hates big a** things. So these are just perfection.

Eataly carries three different flavors; Pecan Shortbread w/Vanilla Salt, Black Forest Crinkle and Mexican Chocolate Chip. Let me just say, they are simply divine and the best part is they only contain a few simple ingredients and have been concocted with love…Absolutely no fillers or bad stuff.

However, they do not have any calorie information on them for some reason but, being so little and dainty, they must be ok…Right?

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