This is something you don’t want to miss!!!

Although, I haven’t had the chance to experience one of Lewis’ trips first hand, I do know him (He’s responsible for ALL of Eat! Travel! Blog!’s brand new-ness), he’s a solid dude and I hear his trips are full on EPICOSITY, if you don’t know that means, let Google be your friend…

Anywhoo, his getaways offer a wide range of variety in regards to location and cost. People come from everywhere to join in on the fun and Lauren London even attended his last trip to Turks and Caicos.

But this particular trip takes place a few times a year in a luxury bus going from Houston to NOLA and, from the few pics posted, it looks like pure debauchery at it’s finest. You don’t want to miss out.

However, if you are attending this trip, there are 10 things you show be aware of:

  1. All you can drink premium liquor is on the bus (i.e ciroc, grey goose, patron, etc.). That’s not a gimmick.
  2. The bus itself turns into a party so be sure to pace yourself or you will find yourself sleep in the room the first night.
  3. When registered, what club to go to that night will be texted to your phone as well as where we are meeting and when and where the bus leaves. Bus will be leaving from the Richmond/Hillcroft area. Free parking will be available, but we are not responsible for cars.
  4. If you have too much todrink on the way and fall asleep people will take pics of you.
  5. What happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans unless you get pregnant or catch an STD then that’s just all kinds of bad.
  6. May want to wear walking shoes with so many places being walking distance.
  7. If you get back to your room before 6am you are tapping out.
  8. There is a Harrahs Casino that provides gambling, but this trip does not cover messing off your rent at the black jack table.
  9. Make sure you roll with somebody and stay in the light. Dark areas out of town is always bad.
  10. If you see a zombie make sure you shoot them twice in the head to confirm kill. (pretty much means we couldn’t think of a 10th thing)

For more information go here. But, hurry, space is limited and goes FAST!








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