Here’s a list of some of the best places for lobster rolls in Maine (where it all began), Boston, New York and LA.


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Red’s Eats
41 Water St., Wiscasset

Get in line (and be prepared to wait) for the very worth it rolls at this roadside shack. Each one boasts a whole lobster’s worth of meat that’s so fresh and sweet they leave it unadorned (though you may add mayo and or butter to your liking).

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The Clam Shack
2 Western Ave., Kennebunk

What sets this roll apart at this little stand on the bridge connecting Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, are the signature round, airy buns they’ve been using since the ’70’s and the lobsters themselves, cooked in fresh ocean water for optimal taste.


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James Hook & Co.
15-17 Northern Ave.

James Hook on the Boston waterfront serves one of the best, no-nonsense lobster rolls in town, with claw and knuckle meat on a cold split-top bun. Picnic tables and tanks complete the super casual vibe that keeps the lobster fresh and prices low.

Photo top: Penny Cherubino

Neptune Oyster
63 Salem St.

Hot with butter or cold with mayo on a brioche bun, Neptune is the place in Boston for the upscale lobster roll.

Yankee Lobster Co.
300 Northern Ave.

Having been around for over 50 years, this shack in the fish market knows how to make a lobster roll: traditional with thick chunks of meat and just a smear of mayo on a lightly toasted split-top bun. No muss…

New York

Photo, top: Paul Wagtouicz

Pearl Oyster Bar
18 Cornelia St.

The lobster roll that was ahead of the trend in New York many years ago is still one of our favorites, made with a generous amount of fresh lobster salad (Hellmann’s mayo, lemon and chives) on a crunchy griddled bun.

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Grand Central Oyster Bar
89 East 42nd St.

On the lower level of Grand Central station is this very cool, old-New York restaurant (almost 100-years-running) complete with vaulted ceilings, myriad oyster varieties and a great lobster roll. Grab one at the counter before hopping on your train or head to the cavernous saloon and stay a while.

Red Hook Lobster Pound
284 Van Brunt St., Brooklyn

Specializing in fresh-catch lobster, these guys offer an awesome, no-frills roll in two styles: Maine (cold with mayo) or Connecticut (warm with butter). If you can’t get to Red Hook, they now have trucks that travel about the city.

Ed’s Lobster Bar
222 Lafayette St.

This casual New England style lobster bar serves the dressiest of rolls, which is notoriously similar to Pearl’s – big chunks of lobster, lightly seasoned and tossed with the perfect amount of mayo on a soft, buttery brioche bun.

My FAVORITE NYC institution..But more about this later 

Mary’s Fish Camp
64 Charles St.

The simple recipe (much like Patrick’s perfect roll) includes fresh hunks of lobster, Hellmann’s mayo, super-fine celery and a whisper of scallion on a Pepperidge Farm bun. Delish.

Luke’s Lobster
93 E. 7th St.

Large chunks of claw and knuckle meat are mixed with just a touch of mayo at Luke’s, which now has outposts all around town. The casual environs, counter seating and wholesale connections (Luke’s dad is in the Maine lobster biz) keeps prices around $10 cheaper than the restaurant competition. They also offer half rolls, if you’re just up for a snack.

Los Angeles

Photo, top: Scout Magazine

Son of a Gun
8370 West 3rd St.

The menu changes daily here, but one thing that always remains is their amazing (mini) lobster roll, made with celery and lemon aioli, and topped with crispy chips and chives on a buttery brioche bun. Hands down one of the best rolls we’ve ever eaten.

Lobsta Truck
Location Varies

Inspired by a trip to New England, these guys brought the East Coast back to LA…in a truck. The rolls are simple and delicious and served with all the regional trimmings (Cape Cod chips, clam chowder, etc.)

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Water Grill
544 South Grand Ave.

Downtown’s bustling seafood bistro serves a true Connecticut-style lobster roll, warm and oozing with butter (no mayo) on a warm split brioche bun, served with crispy fries and pickles. Enjoy at the beautiful marble bar, overlooking the open kitchen or next to the impressive raw bar.



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