Ok, now…I know one’s mind could go all over the place with that title but, “Happy Head” is actually the name of a really awesome day spa in San Diego.

While out on our excursion of the Harbor and Gaslamp areas, we stumbled upon this quaint establishment. At first, we were thrown off by the name and thought it may be something a little seedy going on inside. Especially, after we seen they were advertising 1 hour massages for $29. I know living in NYC, I’m use to everything being more expensive but this price was still low despite location.

Happy Head Sign


However, curiosity got the best of us and we decided to go in and check it out. It greatly exceeded our expectations. It was a really proper, respectable spot.

Happy Head Lobby

Happy Head Hall


We found out that the type of massage noted above was done in a group setting with the client only removing shoes and socks but remaining fully clothed. Cool…But, we opted to go the more traditional route and get deep tissue massages for an additional $19 for the hour.

Happy Head Group


They also had all of the other usual spa offerings at very reasonable rates. Being a person that does day spas, I would totally go here over the “so-called” fancy spots. They were extremely professional and the service was impeccable.

Happy Head Menu






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