By Neil Adams

Active holidays in Australia can be a great experience. The opportunities that the country has to offer, are as big as the country itself. You can swim with dolphins, scuba dive, go horseback riding, or enjoy various outdoor adventures.




MelbourneMelbourne – Rooftop tours

In the city and around it, there are a variety of organized walk tours. One of the most interesting is, without doubt, the Rooftop tour. This tour is different because it takes place on the higher reaches of public car parks, buildings, hotels, and coffee shops all over Melbourne.

This tour, which lasts about two and a half hours, will give you a whole new experience of walk tours, and view of Melbourne from a completely new angle.



SydneySydney -Camping on Cockatoo Island

In its long history this island has been a prison housing the worst criminals, a school, and lastly, a naval quarry. It now belongs to the people who know how to enjoy themselves. Camping on the Cockatoo island is quite different from the regular camping. You will not have to worry about cooking, water, food, etc.

This is a luxurious camping trip where everything is very well organized and tailored to you. It’s up to you to relax and enjoy the view. Camping on this island is popularly called the “glamping” – glamorous camping.



Sydney golfSydney – Golf

If your idea of a good active vacation includes a game of golf on a sunny day, maybe by the beach, Sydney is the perfect place for you. Regardless of whether you are passing thru or Sydney is your final destination, if you are a golfer, choose one many golf clubs in Sydney, while,  enjoy the game and the fresh air.



PerthPerth – Skydiving

Enjoy the beautiful panorama of Perth, the Swan River, the ocean, coastline or the countryside from the air. Imagine how beautiful view on Perth and its surroundings is while you are in a free fall.



BrisbaneBrisbane – Swimming on the fake beach

Queensland is famous for its beaches. That is not the case with Brisbane. Brisbane is located in the plain and lies on the banks of the River Brisbane. But there is a swimming pool in the city that is built to look like a real lagoon.

This place is great if you want to move away from the heat and take a break in touring the city’s museums and other sights. The entrance to this “lagoon” is free.



QueenslandQueensland – Treetop surfing

There is a completely new way of enjoying the Daintree Rainforest. It’s called jungle surfing. How does jungle surfing work? You zip from one treetop platform to another by holding on to, or attaching to, the freely moving pulley.

With this unforgettable adrenaline rush, you will have the ability to enjoy the beauty of the rainforest from a completely new angle.

While on your holiday in Australia, you will discover it is a vast country in which you will be able to see a lot in a short time. It’s a place full of activities, and trust us, you’ll want more.


About the Author : Neil Adams is a traveler from Australia. He wanders all across Australia and beyond…and, sometimes, he writes about it. You can find Neil on Twitter or Facebook.

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