Being born and raised in San Diego, I can say, I have never had the experience of staying in a hotel there. So, needless to say I was pretty stoked about it.

However, living in New York City for the last 8 years, my perception of a many things has been skewed, there no place like it. I wanted somewhere to relax and luxuriate but I also wanted to have that fast paced “city never sleeps” feel…somewhat.


The Location

Located in the heart of San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter, one really couldn’t do any better. Nestled on 5th Avenue, next to the House of Blues, its also walking distance to many of the City’s noted attractions. Horton Plaza (shopping mall), Seaport Village, Embacradero Marina, Balboa Park, Little Italy, the Convention Center and the sports arena, along with a host of restaurants, bars and clubs are all just a hop, skip, and jump away. And with the Trolley (San Diego’s version of the subway) being less that a block away you almost don’t need a rental car.

Note: If you do decide to get a rental, skip the $40 valet parking the hotel offers and all walk 3 blocks up. They offer overnight parking with in and out privileges for about $12 a night. OR, the hotel has free bikes for you to peruse the area at your own pace.




The Room

Upon arrival we were greeted by an extremely helpful  staff. They were quick to open the lobby door and get our bags. Check-in was a breeze and once again the staff was cordial and informed us of the many amenities they offered.

Because I was familiar with the Kimpton Hotel brand, I knew exactly what to expect, a boutique hotel with an over- priced mini bar. Ok, just kidding….but not really.

Anywho, all in all it was a cool experience. The ONLY gripe I had was the bathroom. I know who ever designed it, thought that they had some contemporary, cutting edge design but uhhhh negative.

First, the bathroom had some frosted sliding glass door that ensured you no privacy…at all. Next, the shower was partially enclosed with overhead “waterfall like” nozzle. While it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you couldn’t shower without getting your whole head/hair wet and drenching the bathroom floor. AND because the bathroom door wasn’t a “real” door and there was no shower door, the normal warmth that you’d get from shower steam was absent and you were left freezing. It was nice to look at but not the best in regards to functionality.







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