Much like its San Diego counterpart, Hotel Palomar, the Hotel Wilshire is a boutique Hotel owned by the Kimpton Chain. You pretty much know what you are getting, a stay in an upscale environment with an over-priced mini bar. However, this hotel takes customer service to another level. People that know me, know that no matter how good something appears to be, the service can either make or break the experience for me. Let me just, they seriously scored with the service!


The Location

Located in Los Angeles proper on what is called the “Miracle Mile”, the hotel places you in the epicenter of action. You are a stone throw away from Beverly Hills and Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, Farmer’s Market, and every shopper’s Mecca, the Grove. Museum Row also shares Wilshire Blvd., not to mention, from the roof, you have access to some of the most beautiful views of the Los Angeles Skyline and can even see the famous Hollywood sign in the distance.






The Room

Like my previous experience at Hotel Palomar, we were greeted by a very pleasant hotel staff. On the drive up from San Diego, I called the Wilshire and spoke to them regarding the whole “open-waterfall-shower” thingy. They ensured me, they’d get it right. They got it right. Not only did I get a closed shower, with a adjustable shower head, but I got a sunken bathtub and a sexy, “peek in the bedroom while you shower” window.

Based on how pleased I was with the whole bathroom situation, I knew this was going to be a great stay.





Of course, the room was nice with the usual amenities that I have come to expect from nicer hotels e.g mini bar & fridge, free wifi, posh toiletries, blow dryer, free bike use, yoga mats, umbrella’s etc. But what stood out most for me was, their claim, that if you needed it and you called them, they’d deliver. So, you KNOW I had to test it out.

First, I called and asked for a toothbrush, which I actually already had but if anyone knows about “laying your edges down” then you know you need an extra one. That was easy…Next, the humidity in the LA air wouldn’t let my freshly flat iron be great so I asked for a curling wand and a lent brush…here they come with it! Lastly, as a joke, coming in from one of our many eating expeditions, we asked, “do you have a microwave?” Welp, a few minutes later, there was a knock on the door with a microwave. At this point, we were like, what can we ask for to stump them? But, then we decided to chill LOL.





I think I will make this my go to LA diggs. Of course, I will try other places but when I want an that “old reliable” and don’t want to take any chances, this will be it!

Hotel Wilshire
6317 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 852-6000


Oh….2 last things:

If you look above the bed, there is little random picture in a frame. If you send them a picture in advance of your arrival, they will place it in the frame to greet you.

And while I had no gripes whatsoever with this spot, I opened the window to take in the view and what smacks me in the face? The logo from my “real job”. Our LA office just happens to be across the street. I’m mean are they for real???




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