If you have read any or my previous post on the City of Angels, you know I have a love/hate relationship with this city. Growing up, I ALWAYS hated it. It just seemed so dirty. I know you must be thinking…Huh??? With me living in NYC how can I possible think LA is dirty but when I say dirty, I am speaking in a “rundown” sense, like do you guys believe in renovating…at all?

Well it seems the universe has heard my cries. In my last couple of visits to Los Angeles, the come up has not gone unnoticed! Of course I can go on and on about the food scene but not now, this is about the City’s structural transformation…Whole neighborhoods are undergoing make overs and I LIKE it!

My latest jaunt finds me in K-town (Korea Town) at The Line Hotel. I’m normally really partial to the staying in the Wilshire/La Brea area, being that it’s so close to The Grove, Farmer’s Market and basically makes being a tourist easy. This time I decided to stray a little. K-town is centrally located in the city, only miles in either direction from Downtown, Hollywood or Beverly Hills.


line-hotel-los-angeles signThe Line Hotel is the love child between a group of hotel developers and the man known as LA’s Street Food King and co-founder of the food truck movement, Roy Choi (If you don’t know who he is let google be your friend). Anyway the boutique hotel sits on Wilshire Blvd, minutes from Downtown and is in The City’s top 5 trendiest hotels.



the Line roomThe Rooms – Are reminiscent of a New York City hotel room, not big at all. But, very efficient in regards to space. The floor to ceiling windows provide a beautiful view to Hollywood Hills, (if your lucky enough to get one of these rooms, I was). The bed is awesome sauce…I swear it’s in my top 3 most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in. And with the ability to completely darken the room by lowering the layered widow treatment, you will be in slumber heaven.



Line Mini BarOf course the mini bar comes with the usual suspect items and some not so usual, such as a Karma Sutra Kit.



the line bathroom




line poolAlong with the FREE wifi (because you know I live for some free wifi), other amenities include a pool, an exercise room, Yoga classes (for a fee), bike rentals, a greenhouse commissary  & a cafe (both pictured below)….



The Commissary

Line CafeThe guy working at the counter here just happened to be from Brooklyn and him and the people I was with knew some if the same people…Is the whole world from Brooklyn? Peesh!!!



Line Lobby & BarLast but definitely not least, I have to speak on this lobby. Now, I know it looks like some non descript hotel lobby…nothing special right? Wrong! Thursday thru Saturday, this lobby converts in to what is know as the “Pot Bar” and the turn up is so real. I’m talking full on club, with DJ, bottle service, wall to wall bodies, velvet rope and all. Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest, is the resident DJ every Thursday and The Beat Junkies have a night as well, I just can’t remember which one exactly.  So, basically, you can live it up and then retire upstairs to your room. The Line offers you a responsible way to party.

My only complaint is, after the “club” ends at 2 am, because of location, there is really no where to eat unless you’re open to street meat (random vendors selling meat) or are in the mood for Korean BBQ, and while the latter can be a great dining experience, at 2 am and after some drinks….yeah, the choice is yours.

K-Town is most definitely winning with this spot. However, because of the location, and the “club” in the lobby, it’s probably not for you if you have an aversion to noise or crowds. But if you’re on vacation and YOLO is your motto, this is the place to be!

As usual, stop by and tell them I sent you!

s/n:  They also offer corporate discounts. I was able to book this room for less than half of the rate if was actually booking for on 4th of July weekend. #winning


The Line Hotel 
3515 Wilshire Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90010
213 381 7411 / 800 600 8435

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