While the weather was picture perfect in San Diego, Los Angeles decided to have a torrential down pour, 2 of the 3 days we were there.

Sections of PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) were closed off due to mudslides and PCH is the most wonderful drive ever but, oh well. Because of this, we spent more time indoors, going to the movies, getting pedicures, bowling, Dave & Buster’s and lounging around, instead of cruising the city in our convertible. Still, we did get out a bit, and this is what we saw….


Venice Beach

It was about 70 degrees but, as you can see there was a serious overcast going on, so the lively scene that is usually happening was almost non-existent…well, expect for the body builders, apparently they take working out VERY serious!





The movement is so real!!!! So, if you suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress or any other ailment, the “green” doctors got you! They offer free consultations and even have an ATM machine placed conveniently in the lobby for you to fill your prescription…All on the beach!




In case you need to be paranoid after you left your doctor’s appointment….


Around Town – Shopping

the grove sign

The Grove is said to be the Mecca of fashionistas everywhere. On any given day, you can have a star sighting. We actually did see an actor but I don’t know why I can’t remember who it was at this moment.




Connected to The Grove, this is a foodies playground…





Last Kings

Went to Tyga’s and Nipsey Hussle’s Stores. Anyone that knows me, knows I listen to Nipsey EVERYDAY, so it was only right I had to stop by Slauson Ave. and pick a few things up. Yeah, don’t judge me…



Mount Hollywood

Lastly, we wanted to see the famous sign. To get there you can either, hike the trail, take a shuttle or drive up the super winding road. We opted for the later. Again, it was raining and I was nervous as all get out, but we made it

hollywood hills





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