If you are planning on making a grand Italian meal, Eataly offers you the ability to one stop shop. At some point in the near future, I will do an “Eataly Series” and touch on all their offerings seperately but right now, I want to focus on their restaurant Birreria.

Birreria (pronounced beer-rrreee-ria, yes, roll that R) translates to “Ale House” in Italian. While the other restaurants in Eataly have a main theme, where either fish, meat or pasta is the star, Birreria has a little bit of everything…Well, except pasta (one demerit for them).

The restaurant is situated on the rooftop and has fully retractable walls and ceiling , which during nice weather would be fly but during a January NYC winter, uhhhh yeah, not so much. They did have heat lamps but we were still freezing. Add that to the fact that they had been slow that earlier that day and decided to send most of the wait staff home sans for 2 waiters. It was uber busy and it took FOREVER for me to get my carb fix of bread and olive oil. Hence why there is no pic, because when it finally came, I inhaled it…no shame here.

The food was pretty good, well presented and moderately priced. Was it the best I ever had, no, but will I go there again? Absolutely. However, I will say this, they definitely were not playing games when it came to that gelato. I can honestly say that was highlight of my whole day!

Eataly NYC
200 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010

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