Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Bermuda is like a jumbo melting pot of different cultures. I kept asking and trying to figure out what actual Bermudian cuisine was.

I consistently got the same answer, fish chowder and/or fish cakes (like Caribbean codfish cakes, but made with potatoes). I’m going to assume that being surrounded by water, would make fish or seafood an often used staple. 

While I didn’t get a chance to try the fish cakes, almost every where I went…there was fish chowder on the menu. For the most part, I think it was prepared pretty similarly and topped off with their local Black Seal Rum and Sherry Peppers.

So, here’s a look at my Bermudian food journal;  


minimal red and white living room

cafe cairo clubCafe Cairo – Upon my arrival, on Good Friday, almost everything was closed. This was one of the few places that was open late night. It’s probably because it’s also a club. We only had appetizers (wings, calamari, etc.) and drinks, but I thought the space was extra cute!


Jamaican GrillJerk ChickenJamaican Grill – Yes!!! I find a Jamaican spot EVERYWHERE I go. This one was official too! It’s located in Baka Town (the back of town), in what is considered a less than desirable neighborhood, but, I was there and good. 


Lobster pot fish chowder

The Lobster Pot – I guess the name is self explanatory. However, what is interesting is, because they believe in sustainability, it is illegal to buy or eat lobster during April 1st – September 1st.


portacall FishChowder

The Portocall – Located in the city of Hamilton on Front St., I met a friend here for happy hour. We got hungry…Guess what we ate? You guessed it, fish chowder. But apparently, this is the hot spot. This one of the go to see and be seen places. They also have a really creative mixologist.


rustic 4

Rustico – In Flatts Village. I would tell you that this restaurant had a beautiful view of the water, but almost everywhere you go has a beautiful view of the water LOL.


R’s from Martinique – Just disregard what I said earlier about lobster.


rumcake open

Rum Cakes – From Dockyard. These come in all different flavors and just happen to be made with 80 proof Black Seal Rum!


glaze donuts

Glaze – This place had all kinds of good stuff there…


JNB juice

Juice n’ Beans – Y’all know I live for juicing. When I’m at home I juice almost everyday. They have a few food items and free wifi, if you spend over $10. 


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