If you have read my previous post on the UAE, you know that the native population, the Emirati, only make up about 18% of the country and the country is truly a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures.

Also…ANYTHING, that is in any other country, is over there as well. With that being said, the food, while I was expecting some thing fresh and brand new…It wasn’t. Not saying I didn’t eat some amazing food because I did. But, it was just like I was in one of the trendy NYC, LA or Chicago eateries that I frequent.


A commercial taste of America

Magnoila sign

Yes, the one and only…Magnolia Bakery, most may be familiar with it from the show Sex in the City. I bought my favorite chocolate, caramel, sea salt cookie. Same great taste but a 3rd of the size, I was mad!

A Shake Shack, Cold Stone, Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs, Applebees, Garrett’s Popcorn and any other chain spot you could think of…Really UAE???


Emirates Palace

Palace Cappuccino

If indulging in decadence is for you, then make your way over to the Emirates Palace. The luxury 5 star hotel is known for its 24k and camel milk cappuccinos. While I must confess, I’m not a coffee drinker, a couple of the girls had these two drinks and said both were extremely rich. I drank tea and of course we all had the pastries. And, it reminded me of a french patisserie….just divine. We were happy!



Pier 7 – Fümé


Pier 7 is located in one of Dubai’s trendiest, premiere neighborhoods, next to the Dubai Marina Mall and over looking the Dubai Marina. This area is like one stop shopping, you can take a boat ride, rent a bike, see a movie, shop or have a nice meal. And in this case, we chose right. The food at Fümé was awesome sauce, reasonably priced and reminiscent of Californian cuisine. 



Stratos at Le Royal Meridian…

Startos Dining room

One of Abu Dhabi’s crown jewels, a revolving lounge & restaurant. The ambiance is purely grown and sexy and the who’s who goes to see and be seen. The food is dope too. Everything was a la carte and you pay for all that ambiance. Be sure to bring a fat stash!



Spice Souk…

Known for the plethora of spices and their vast supply of saffron, you must visit a spice souk. If you enjoy cooking or knows someone that does, this is the perfect place for you. 

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