One of the most common sights in India are the food stalls, both mobile and stationary, selling snacks and drinks. If you are hesitant about going for a street drink in India, you are sure to change your mind upon tasting some of the best street drinks sold on the Indian streets. Here is a list of top 6 street drinks in India, which will leave you craving for more.

Masala Chai

Masala cha is the most popular flavored tea in India. The very name can be tempting to those who have tasted the tea. Be it a harsh winter or a hostile summer, masala chai is the natural choice for many. It is available in various varieties. Some use ginger and mint, while some add a dash of cardamom powder to it. Adding cloves and fennel makes the milk based tea tastier. Add crushed ginger, one or two mint leaves, a pinch of cardamom and clove powder to a cup of milk, and bring it to boil. Turn off the flame, add sugar and pour it in your favorite tea cup and sit back to enjoy the tasty masala chai. The tea is so popular here, that wherever you travel in India, you can find many street stalls selling the tea. It is available in restaurants as well.        

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Chaach, is a delicious tasting buttermilk drink. This famous street beverage can be easily made at home by churning curd and adding water to it along with salt to taste. Masala chaach is a popular version of chaach in which ginger, mint, coriander leaves and cumin seeds are added. If you are in India during summer, chaach will be among your top favorites as it not only keeps you hydrated but also teases your taste buds to submission.




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Yet another street drink that is also available in hotels and restaurants is lassi, which is a yogurt based drink. It is made in different versions and you will love every one of them. Even in its simplest form in which you add water and sugar to yogurt and blend till smooth, lassi tastes wonderful. Some of the popular versions of lassi include mango, masala, avocado, strawberry and chocolate lassi. Can’t wait to get strolling down the streets to get a lassi?


Sugarcane Juice

4Photo by ER and Jenny, CC BY-SA 2.0

The sight of sugarcane juice presser on a hot summer day refreshes the tired spirits. It is not just the sentiment of a sole traveller but, it is shared by millions in India. There are a few things that can make a hot Indian summer welcome and sugarcane juice is definitely one among them. Apart from its taste, sugarcane juice has innumerable health benefits. You taste it once and you will want to schedule your next Indian summer visit.




Photo by ANBI, CC BY-SA 3.0

Shikanji is the most popular lemon juice drink. Wonder what could be so unique about lemon juice in Indian streets when it is made all over the world? Lemon juice sold on the streets is tastier as cumin powder, pepper powder and a pinch of salt is added to the lemon, water and sugar combo. A mint leaf or two along with ice cubes to float, you will find the drink irresistible.




Photo by Satish Krishnamurthy, CC BY 2.0

Unlike the other popular street drinks, thandai is not available in all Indian streets and is not easy to make. However, you are not going to complaint as it is worth the trouble. The ingredients of thandai are milk, almonds, cardamom, sugar, black pepper, fennel seeds, poppy seeds. The process of making can be a bit lengthy but you will want to repeat the exercise nevertheless.


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