By Neil Adams

Living in this noisy and polluted world, everybody needs a peaceful retreat after being hit by unusually high amounts of work-related stress. In this article I’m going to present some of the most peaceful and relaxing places on Earth, that still resist industrial pollution and the growing tourist industry.


Turkey-Southern-Olympos-beachOlympos Beach – Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country and Olympos Beach is one of its most precious jewels. It’s placed behind the big rock, in a spot where the cold and clear mountain river confluence with the hot Mediterranean. This beach is one of the favourite sea turtle love nests and in the nearby mountains you can also take the pilgrimage to the Chimera eternal flames.

Next to the beach is an archaeological site that looks like Indiana Jones’ playground and behind it there are famous Olympos tree house pensions, one of the most famous hippie getaways in Turkey.


australia (1)Living Valley Springs Health Retreat – Australia

This is definitely the best health resort located Down Under. It offers 145 acres of lush greenery and it is located in Noosa Biosphere Reserve which is on the UNESCO heritage site listing.

Unlike other similar resorts Living Valley Springs is a non-profit organization, they work on tax deductible donations and they provide many programs that range from simple relaxation to serving healthy and organic food. All while organizing various kinds of fitness and wellness programs.


russiaOlkhon – Lake Baikal, Russia

Most people don’t consider Siberia to be a perfect vacation destination, but that’s exactly why this is one of the most peaceful and cleanest getaways on this list. The island is surrounded by crystal clean Lakes Baikal and inhabited by indigenous Buryat population, who enjoy cold vodka, smoked lake fish and famous Russian Banya treatments.

When I asked one of the residents of the village, where can I buy drinking water, he told me; “Drink it from the lake, that’s the tastiest and the cleanest water you will ever try”. And, he was so right.


pamir-mountainsPamir Mountains – Tajikistan

This is another not so typical tourist destination. With Himalayas being crowded with Alpinists and garbage, this gave the second biggest mountain in the world the opportunity to become one of the best places to get in touch with the inner self. The mountain provides clean air, water, herds of yaks and ultimate silence. Yak, the most common animal you will see on the mountain range, found their soul here, and they can’t live anywhere else, except in the Himalayas.


french_polynesia_pacific_resort_cabins_sea_hd-wallpaper-1782659French Polynesian Islands

This is officially the most secluded part of the world and although it attracts thousands of tourists every month, it still maintains a sense of solitude. The most famous type of lodging in the French Polynesia are popular over-water bungalows. One of these was used by Marlon Brando while filming Mutiny on the Bounty.

One of his most memorable moments was, there he met his future wife and fell in love with the island Bora Bora on which he came back many times during his life.


Bali 2Como Shambala ResortsBali, Indonesia

In the last several years Bali has become one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.  But in spite of it all, Bali still has a lot of in the way of peace and tranquility to offer visitors. Como Shambala Resorts are one of the places on the island that gives the new meaning to the phrase “run from it all”. They offer wellness and spa treatments, and try to promote the fitness and healthy lifestyles among their guests.

In addition to the above, the exotic island with the post-card landscapes has a way of drawing the stress away in an instant.


icelandBlue Lagoon Geothermal Spas – Iceland

These are among the most famous spas in the world. Here you can take a hot Jacuzzi bath in minus 40 temps and still feel great while doing it. However, Iceland offers much more. It is home to some of the biggest geysers and volcanoes in Northern Europe and because of its well maintained roads it offers nice road trip opportunities.


usaFish Camp – Yosemite California, United States

While this may be a constantly active resort area, you can still be one with nature and do everything from hiking and camping to swimming and fishing in the clear mountain lakes. It is near the most popular American national park and it offers various types of lodging from private cottages to five star hotels.


croatiaCres Island, Croatia

Say hello to the most beautiful island on the Croatian Adriatic Coast. Some of Cres’ incredible features are, breath-taking nature, crystal blue seas, lots of lush greenery, forest and maritime wildlife.

In addition to all of this,  you can find some of the best private lodging on Croatian coast, as well as, some of the most luxurious hotel chains. Here’s a suggestion for some hard Cres island lounging, find the most secluded beach on the islands, bring the bag of the sweetest organically grown figs with you, sit there, listen to the waves and watch the griffon vultures flying over your head.


lake_garda_01Lake Garda, Italy

Italy is not really famous for mountain lakes, but this one has been attracting aristocrat crowds for centuries. It offers peaceful atmosphere, clear and cold lake water and some of the best health resorts in this country. Here you can find the most relaxing spa treatment in the Italy’s Alpine regions and in addition to this many people visit this area for  Fitness and Wellness vacations.


About the Author : Neil Adams is a traveler from Australia. He wanders all across Australia and beyond…and, sometimes, he writes about it. You can find Neil on Twitter or Facebook.

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