Day 1

OK…so the Las Vegas trip and blogging in real time, didn’t quite go as planned. We (the girls and I) all realized something very important about ourselves…We’re old!

Well, we’re not really that old but, we all have very grueling everyday lives and we were just happy to get away from it all and relax a bit. We were screamin’ turn DOWN, NOT turn UP. With all that being said, we still had a really great time.

Flew in on Delta, flight was cool sans the fact that with all my Skymiles someone STILL had more than me and stole my first class upgrade but I’ll try not to be bitter about it. Any who, about 20 minutes from landing Iesha and I were awestruck by the view of the Grand Canyon

After we land, connect with the other ladies, get the rental car (which we got a serious upgrade on, an SUV for $15 a day), we head over to the hotel which was supposed to be newly renovated with luxury rooms and blah blah blah. Welp…not so much. Can you say SUPER basic? I wont even give them a mention…

Anyway, we unloaded our baggage and hit the streets. We were all famished so our first destination, was food! We went to the Rio Hotel Carnival World Buffet . For the most part I hate buffets, unless they are seafood, but this one is pretty decent. There were so many selections, it got overwhelming but we still ate and got plenty full.

We tried to walk the Strip and work off some of the food we ate but wonk, wonk, wonk, fail! We were back in the hotel room around 10 pm-ish.

Day 2

We decide after a good night’s sleep we would awake early and jump-start our day. Well, everyone knows that to get a good start, you need a good breakfast. We went to the Hash House A Go Go. Now, I KNOW the deal. There is one in San Diego but, I forgot to warn my girls…The Hash House is known as “twisted farm food” and they specialize in homemade custom hashes, and a host of other tantalizing items that they serve in humongous portions. And, there’s absolutely no way you can eat a whole trough of food and then call yourself getting a move on it. Nope!

I had to go to a presentation regarding a time-share (which I bought, but more about that later) then once again, we tried to get out in the Vegas streets. Next stop, The Mirage Hotel. We wanted to see the infamous Siegfried & Roy White Tiger, whom Michelle told us are some kinda of deformed hybrid tiger with mental issues (back up PETA, she was just sayin’), and the dolphins and sharks. It was $20 and it lasted about a total of 10 minutes. Very anti-climatic for us, but uber cute if you have kids with you…I’m sure.

After trolling around a bit more at The Mirage, we headed over to the Bellagio. Nice hotel but we really wanted to see the water show, which we KEPT missing. We finally found out the schedule (every 30 minutes until 8pm, then every 15 minutes thereafter). Being that we had just missed the water show, AGAIN,  we found some other points of interest. Their Botanical Gardens & Harpist, The World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain and then finally the outside Water Show.

More later…

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