I’ve always wanted to take a wine tasting class but never got around to it. And,  since I’m a Frugal Mcdougal and will snatch up good deals on various discount sites, it was a no brainer when I seen a class being offered at an actual vineyard. It also happened to include yoga and a gourmet lunch.

Ok, so I know you’re asking “a vineyard in NYC”? No, but it was a short hour and 30 minute drive to Washington Crossing, PA. First, we stopped at Washington Crossing Historic Park for a 1 hour yoga class over looking the Delaware River, the view was absolutely stunning. 

Let me just confess now, as someone that works out, I have always made fun of people doing yoga, because it looks so slow paced and like you’re not really working, but honeyThat ish was HARD. I was in full blown struggle mode. I worked muscles I didn’t even know I had. I was worn out and would ache for days to come.

Moving right along…

After yoga, we headed over to the vineyard. It was about a 10 minutes drive. Once we got off the bus, they gave us an informational tour about the vineyard, then took us to a private dining room. When we sat down, the tables were already set with wine glasses, cheese, crackers, chocolates and order forms. Of course, my table sat down and immediately started snacking…Epic fail! Those snacks were to be paired with the various wines. Look, we had worked hard and needed some fuel. Luckily, they gave us new snacks.

Next came their in house sommelier…Taste time!!! One by one, he gave us the story behind each of the different wines, their origin, how they were made, what they paired well with.


In total we tasted 11 different wines. By glass 4 or 5 most people were feeling tipsy but not me. There was a bucket on each table for those of us that wanted to spit, instead of swallow. That was me.

After the tasting, lunch was serve, however, I don’t remember what it was, everything seemed to be a blur after all that wine but, I do know we were given the chance to order wine at a discounted rate and cute reusable bags.

Crossing Vineyards and Winery
1853 Wrightstown Rd
Newtown, PA 18940
(215) 493-6500

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