It’s official…

On June 18th, me and my talents will be heading down to Brazil for World Cup 2014. Although, I am leaving on the 18th, I won’t actually see my first match until, June 21st, which also happens to be my birthday. Wooo Hooo!!!!

My Journey will begin in Fortaleza (Portuguese for ‘fortress’), which is located in Northeastern Brazil. It’s the 5th largest city in the country and widely known for 2 things, it’s beaches, the city borders the Atlantic Ocean, and football.

When planning this trip, I had a particular goal in mind…So, first let me say this, I really didn’t think I was going to get tickets, but I did, and good ones at that. As I was saying, my goal was to see at least one African team (Ghana or Cote D’ Ivoire but would have settled for Nigeria or Algeria) and one of my favorite European teams (Spain, Portugal or Germany but would have settled for Italy).

Well, goal accomplished!!! Your girl got granted 1st level tickets to the Group G matches. Group G consist of (Ghana, Germany, Portugal and USA). Even though it’s one group, they play in various locations throughout Brazil. I strayed a bit…

I will be in Fortaleza June 19-25th and my line up is as follows:

June 21st – Ghana vs. Germany: This is probably the match I’m most excited about because it Brother vs. Brother, Boateng (Kevin-Prince, Ghana) vs. Boateng (Jerome, Germany). Of course you know who I’m rooting for.

June 24th, Cote D’ Ivoire vs. Greece: Everyone KNOWS how big of a Didier Drogba fan I am and I believe this will be his last World Cup appearance, so, no explanation needed.

Next Stop…

Brasilia, June 25-28th 

June 26th – Ghana vs. Portugal: I don’t even know why I do this to myself. KPB and Ronaldo….again, in the same stadium, at the same time? I have yet to decide which jersey I will wear. Maybe, I’ll just be neutrally cute that day. Yep , that’s it!!!

Anywho, being that this will be my first time in Brazil and I will have quite a bit of down time, what’s a girl to do…EAT!!! I have done tons of research on the local cuisine in both spots and have already mapped out some places I plan to dine. However, if you have any suggestions of eateries or points of interest I should hit, send me a noteOh, and since the resort I’m saying at is located on the beach I plan to soak up a lot of sun as well.

Plenty of pictures and reviews to come…30 days to go!!!

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